Networking: A Practical Approach
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We are all networkers. 

Networking creates opportunities to source different information, share similar experiences and access new strategies. In a constantly changing business environment and particularly during the uncertainty of COVID-19, access to information is essential. Who is in your network? Is your network aligned with your current and future aims? Are you actively utilising your network?

Women often see networking as an addition to work, with limited time this is often seen as too hard. During Covid with care responsibilities, sharing spaces and simply managing through the crisis many women are feeling exhausted simply managing work and life.

In this practical webinar on November 16, Jacqui will help you explore your existing networks sharing strategies to expand and utilise your networks more strategically. You'll discover you have more people in your network than you think you have!
Don’t miss this interactive and practical expert session.

About Jacqui
Dr Jacqui Abbott is an experienced coach and senior executive with extensive industry experience. Working across industry in corporate and consulting roles for many of the top 100 companies, Jacqui partners with each client to create more diverse and inclusive cultures, and increase flexibility.  With detailed knowledge of implementing gender diversity in many workplaces, Jacqui brings a unique level of expertise to the coaching of women. For women transitioning to or already in executive roles, or managing the transition through becoming a working parent.

A Virtual Conversation with Jacqui Abbott


When: Monday November 16th, 5:00pm - 6:00pm AEDT

Where: Virtual session - link to event provided after registration

Cost: Free