How to Cultivate a Positive Mindset to Stay Motivated
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In the best of times we struggle to stay motivated and with COVID it can be even more difficult. We aren't taught in school how to set the right mindset for motivation, so even though we are smart and achieving, we are lacking knowledge and tools. With this knowledge, we can develop the mindset and habits to achieve what we desire.

In this motivational online event on October 28, Julie will use quick, practical tools to support you in developing your mindset to reach your full potential. Julie will help you gain an understanding of why you may be struggling with lack of motivation, anxiety or self doubt. You'll come away with an understanding that you are not alone in this and it is within your ability to shift these feelings and easily build new beliefs and habits. 

Don’t miss this interactive and practical session.

About Julie
Julie is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, transformational mindset coach and business leader who has spent her career helping individuals and organisations grow and thrive. She understands firsthand the challenges faced by individuals, entrepreneurs and companies, having come to Australia from the Silicon Valley where she held leadership positions with various large companies and startups. Her unique combination of skills has made Julie a sought after speaker, facilitator, mentor and adviser for the Australian business community. Julie is passionate about working with people, groups and organisations to adapt their mindset for greater personal satisfaction and professional success.

A Virtual Conversation with Julie Demsey

When: Wednesday October 28th, 5:00pm - 6:00pm AEDT

Where: Virtual session - link to event provided after registration

Cost: Free