Join one of two challenges:

  1. Challenge me to define my career statement or purpose

  2. Challenge me to transition my career 


You’ll join other women across Australia in mini working teams. As peers you’ll work together collectively to brainstorm, workshop, soundboard and motivate each other to meet your challenge.


  • You’ll be matched with 5 others from with the same challenge to work as a team of 6

  • All groups will kick off with me in their first session, where we will meet and greet and select a team guide

  • Then your group is off and actioning their Challenger game plan, with your team guide at the helm!

  • Over 12 weeks you’ll work together as peers to brainstorm, workshop and share collective learnings to define your career statements or you career transition plan

  • The pace and time is up to you, text or chat, meet or Zoom monthly, 15 mins twice a week, day or night – it’s what works for the group

  • You’ll present to a 2-3 mentors at the end of the 12 weeks in celebration of your success at having your met your challenge!

  • We’re here to guide along the way! You can reach out to us anytime and each other in the moment when you need it most.

We’ll be adding other challenges for you to join as we go, we’re just starting with the two wanted most by our mentee community.



  1.   Finally take that career guidance or learning into action!

  2.   You’re more likely to get where you want with a group of supportive like-minded women all with the same focus

  3.   More than a network, you’ll make meaningful connections with other women in your group

  4.   Get the support when you need it most between events

  5.   Be in contact consistently to keep you focused and accountable towards that end date and meeting the mentors

  6.   Work collaboratively not just on your own, it’s your very own brains trust to sound board with

  7.   When you empower other women you’ll feel more empowered too!



For $50 a month you get:


  • Be matched with like-minded women with the same focus

  • Complete the challenge with a practical end outcome 

  • Tools and guidance, including real time chat

  • Present your challenge to Australia’s wisest women - our mentors

  • Attend as many Mentor Walks virtual and fresh air walk events as you want while you’re a Challenger (ticketed events are $30 each, you won’t need to pay this as a Challenger, it’s included.)

  • Keep joining new challenges, walking and attending events and meeting and connecting with more women just like you


The next round of Challenger teams will kick off week commencing Monday 14 June.




“Because we were essentially peers, I wasn't hesitant to opening up to them, and this forced me self reflect and prioritize. I also loved that the group was fluid.”


“I related so strongly to everyone else's challenges and that was really validating. I'd recommend this kind of group to others.”


“It was also great to be questioned by different people to make you think more as they are coming in it from a space of not really knowing you to have fresh eyes over things”



Interested? Email me, tina@mentorwalks.com.au with the challenge you’d like to take up by Thursday 3rd June to secure your spot.

Become a Challenger  - Empower Yourself & Each Other

Get that career outcome you’ve always wanted with other women just like you.

You’ve likely seen, read, heard and accumulated a lot of career advice – we hear you, so have our 4,000+ mentees. The key is taking action on what you’ve learnt, turning this into meaningful and practical outcomes to get you what you’ve always wanted from work. Your challenge may be new or one that you’ve always wanted and for lots of reasons haven’t been able to action. We want to give you the small team that will help you get there. You’ll follow a Challenger game plan, empower each other when in counts and journey together to meet your challenge.