Dalene Wray

Managing Director

OBE Organic

Dalene Wray, Managing Director of OBE Beef Pty Ltd, is driving change, innovation and digital adoption in the Australian beef industry. Dalene started her career as a radiographer and then a tour guide in France, before joining OBE Organic. Dalene has lived in Beijing and Hong Kong for over 5 years developing opportunities for Australian organic beef throughout Asia and the Middle East. Back in Brisbane since July 2015, Dalene works tirelessly to run a growing, successful farmer-owned business, as well as driving a number of important innovations to improve the sustainability of beef supply chains across the industry. Dalene is an in-demand speaker and a recognised leader in her field. In 2017, Dalene initiated a Reconciliation Action Plan to recognise the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders & to support reconciliation. Dalene has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiations (University of South Australia) and a Graduate Certificate in Food Business Management from Monash University. She completed a course in Disruptive Innovation at Harvard Business School in Boston in July 2018. Dalene also invests her time in a number of initiatives including as a Member of the Telstra Queensland Regional Advisory Committee, Deputy Chair of the DFAT Council for Australian-Arab Relations, Australian Organic Industry Working Group, Chair of Australian Meat Industry Council and Committee member of Communications & Advocacy Industry Reference Committee and Australian Meat Industry Council

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