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Alison Petrie


Industry Advisor

Alison's long and successful career began in the hotel industry, where she held various positions in sales and marketing. In Perth she worked for both the Hilton and Starwood (now Marriott) global brands, holding senior management positions. Alison started her own conference management business in the 90s and this career change led her to ultimately being Managing Director of an events industry market leader in Australia, Encanta Event Management.

She invested in the company in 2015 by becoming a shareholder which she subsequently sold in 2019. Previous to this Alison was CEO of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (WA), a membership organisation for all tiers of the public sector. After enjoying an extended overseas trip in 2019 Alison now volunteers her services to various organisations and enjoys mentoring. She loves to see talent develop and with her vast knowledge and experience of managing people at all levels, is looking forward to sharing this with a new cohort of passionate and enthusiastic budding leaders.

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