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Andi Pert


Life NRG + Senior AssocXplore for Success

Andi Pert is an executive coach and facilitator with over 25 years experience in corporate and community based environments. Andi has a background in global corporate enterprises, Big 4 management consulting and boutique leadership development consulting, having worked with and consulted to organisations such as IBM, KPMG, NAB, Telstra, Corporate Vision, CBA, Australia Post, Deloitte, ANZ, Coles Myer, Holden, and the AFL. Andi’s particular passion and focus is assisting women in transition including; re-entering the workforce, career advancement, career change and resilience and work/life integration. Andi facilitates and coaches mid to senior level women using a strengths based approach aimed at enabling them to be at their unique best, mentally, emotionally and physically in the whole of their life. Andi is the Director of Life NRG Pty Ltd, an organization that is passionate about empowering women.

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