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Anneke Van Den Broek


Rufus and Coco

Anneke van den Broek is the founder and CEO of award-winning pet care brand Rufus & Coco. Now celebrating their 12-year anniversary, Rufus & Coco is proudly Australia’s most awarded and trusted pet care brand, selling 4.3 thousand products per day. Rufus & Coco is the number 1 Australian brand in the pet accessories grocery category and available in 9 countries. Last year, Anneke also launched The Fur Salon, the first gold standard grooming salon for pets that offers everything from a standard groom, through to massages and facials.

In addition to solving every day pet owners’ problems, Anneke runs a forum connecting women in business and personally mentors four high-growth businesses. She is a passionate advocate for pet welfare, having owned more than 40 pets in her life. With the aim of improving humanity, one pet at a time, she has partnered with the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation to help in their mission to ensure pets are welcome in rental properties and working towards zero euthanasia.

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