Executive Director, GAPP Consulting Services

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Barbara Livesey

Executive Director

GAPP Consulting Services

Barbara Livesey is Executive Director of GAPP Consulting providing executive coaching, leadership development and other services. Barbara has over 30 years experience across the government, non-government and corporate sectors working in Australia, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste most recently. Highlights of Barbara’s career include as the Chief Executive of Reconciliation Australia where she developed the highly successful Reconciliation Action Plan program and was runner up in the Innovation Category for the Equity Trustees Non- Government CEO Awards. She has also held senior executive positions in the private and public sectors and was a consultant to a Federal Treasurer and Ministers. She has in-depth expertise in public policy particularly in social policy, housing and Indigenous Affairs. Barbara has been a member of Government appointed and non-government Boards. She has also spent time living overseas where she mentored and worked with CEOs, seniormanagers and Boards of non-government organisations. Barbara is also an experienced facilitator and has qualifications as an Executive Coach.

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