Head of Startup Ecosystem, ANZ, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Colette Grgic

Head of Startup Ecosystem, ANZ

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Colette Grgic is the General Manager for Innovation at BlueChilli where she builds the programs and frameworks to rapidly scale BlueChilli’s innovation arm in Australia and aboard, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and large companies to solve the world’s biggest challenges. A startup founder, advisor and investor, she now guides Australia’s largest corporates on how to innovate like startups and how to work in collaboration with entrepreneurs to create exponential impact through new tech startups. Colette keeps her finger on the ecosystem’s pulse as a mentor, speaker and judge and is recognised as StartupDaily’s Top50 Women in Tech for Australian and New Zealand and the AWLA Emerging Leader in Technology 2016. She is actively working on getting more women to participate in tech startups through the SheStarts campaign, and is a champion for open innovation.

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