Senior Research Fellow, Charles Sturt University

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Felicity Taylor-Edwards

Senior Research Fellow

Charles Sturt University

Felicity is a leader – with many years of experience, she has acquitted herself in senior management roles in government, community and business sectors. She has effectively sought out opportunities to work with multi-functional groups including Indigenous and International partners. She has held managerial, leadership and research roles involving multi-functional groups, representing University, Government and the not- for-profit sector. She has demonstrated the ability to champion the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour during complex consultations with diverse stakeholders, utilising an advanced capacity to communicate critical issues; address contemporary leadership challenges and collaboratively carve strategic and operational change agendas in a very grounded way. Felicity has led the design of governance and effective systems and processes, driving improved outcomes and has a strong history of inspiring happy and dynamic teams to exceed organisational objectives.

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