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Jennifer Cromarty


Committee for Geelong

Jennifer has worked in public relations for over 20 years and is currently the CEO of the Committee for Geelong. She is committed to Geelong’s economic transformation and uses her strategic communication skills, networks and experience to support clients in growing Geelong’s future. She also founded Creative Geelong Inc to demonstrate the importance of creative industries in transforming Geelong’s economic futures. Until February 2015, she was a Director at multiple award-winning consultancy Socom and led the government relations and stakeholder engagement team for almost four years. She has worked extensively with local, state and federal governments on policies and programs including managing Regional Cities Victoria and the Australian Golf Industry Council. In a former life she was Deputy Executive Director of the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), where she was a key strategist in significant industrial relations and tax reform campaigns. Jennifer is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia and sits on the Board of the Anam Cara House Geelong. She is a member of IPAA Vic’s Geelong Advisory Committee.

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