CEO, Civil Engineer, The Infrastructure Collaborative

Mentors in Dubbo

Jillian Kilby

CEO, Civil Engineer

The Infrastructure Collaborative

Unique for having boots-on-the-ground in regional NSW while also advising clients in California, Jillian established an infrastructure advisory business in California after studying at Stanford University and makes a conscious choice to continue to serve the infrastructure needs of Local Councils and Joint Organisations of Councils in NSW. She is proud to have called over 70 Councils her clients, all are over the Blue Mountains.

Active in both Regional NSW (Dubbo / Sydney) and California (San Francisco / LA), Jillian enjoys design thinking, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and cross-pollinating ideas between diverse projects, teams and countries.

Australian BHP - Sir John Monash Scholarship for International Studies.
Agrifutures NSW/ACT Rural Woman of the Year Award.
Australian Young Professional Engineer of the Year Award.
Sydney University Young Alumni of the Year Award.

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