Strategic Director, Pronamics Pty Ltd

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Johanna Townsley

Strategic Director

Pronamics Pty Ltd

Johanna has successfully delivered a range of commercial solutions to the global market for more than a decade. Her vision, leadership and management skills are proven by the record profits and subsequent growth that software developer, Pronamics, has enjoyed since her appointment to the management team in 2005. Her acute market instincts, aptitude for innovation and fierce determination has also ensured the success of her various independent and partnered business ventures. Johanna has a passion for growth and sustainability strategies, specifically in the areas of stakeholder engagement and risk mitigation. In her mentoring, advisory and management roles, Johanna has built successful enterprises by creating and formalising organisational practices, principles and values, as well as revolutionising company planning and process methods. Boasting a comprehensive and valuable professional and social network with a global reach, Johanna can access the right people and the right information, right away.

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