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Judy Waters is a well-known business woman in Canberra who has worked in the arts, advertising and marketing sectors for more than 30 years. Judy founded two very successful businesses, MA@D Communication and BDW Special Events, and is now the founding partner at a boutique agency, Rowdy.

Rowdy is a full-service marketing and communications agency with a focus on high social-impact projects and the economic empowerment of women. Rowdy is a female-owned organisation which aligns beautifully with one of Judy’s passions: mentoring and supporting others, especially young women.

Judy’s career focus, on arts and culture, has seen her work with some of Australia’s most iconic institutions including the National Gallery of Australia, Australian War Memorial, Questacon and the National Library of Australia to name a few.

Judy’s super power is solving problems and achieving real outcomes in complex projects and environments. You can also be sure that Judy will tell it like it is. People like working with Judy because she is enthusiastic, generous, fun and helps them feel focussed, positive and excited about their futures.

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