Program Leader of UNE Discovery at University of New England

Mentors in Armidale

Kirsti Abbott

Program Leader of UNE Discovery

University of New England

Kirsti is an ecologist, science communicator and engagement specialist, and passionate advocate for nature based experiences. Her research career spanned 15 years and focused on invasion dynamics of insects in tropical climes.

Since transitioning to science communication, Kirsti has led core units at Monash University in Scientific Practice & Communication, a National citizen science project, School of Ants, and put her money where her mouth is and travelled around Australia in a campervan with her young family.

She now leads UNE Discovery, an engagement initiative that aims to create spaces for childhood growth and learning, through fostering experiences in STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Maths) that cultivate curiosity, creativity, confidence, collaboration and a can-do attitude; where children can thrive and reach their potential through life.

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