Executive Director of Taylored Outcomes

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Leanne Taylor

Executive Director

Taylored Outcomes

Leanne is the Executive Director of Taylored Outcomes, a management consultancy she founded some years ago. Leanne is a strategic thinker; a thought leader; connector; innovator; placemaker;
and communicator.

During the course of her 35+ career, Leanne has held Executive level roles in both the public and private sectors in aged care; port and maritime services; crown land management; local government; tertiary education; and business innovation and entrepreneurship.

The experiences and knowledge gained through this diverse portfolio are extensive! Most recently Leanne was Chief Executive of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation, a local government peak organisation established by the NSW Government to lead regional strategy, advocacy, collaborative initiatives and programs for the Illawarra Shoalhaven region of NSW on behalf its member councils. Leanne also has a passion for human services where her most recent role in this sector was with Warrigal as Executive Leader Strategic Innovation and Development. In this role she led the development of a
new service delivery model with supporting community development, social, placemaking, employment and technology innovations; followed by the full commissioning at Warrigal’s new site at Shell Cove.

The commissioning of this new model resulted in Warrigal being recognised as the Aged Care Provider of the Year in 2018 along with many other innovation awards.

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