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My Room Children's Cancer Charity

Margaret has a love of family and a passion for life and after spending 30 years working for Qantas Airlines has followed her passion to raise awareness and funds for My Room Children’s Cancer Charity which focusses on supporting families and finding a 100% cure for Childhood Cancer.

Margaret Zita, with a plethora of knowledge about the issues and impact Childhood Cancer has not only on the children themselves, but also for their families, embarked on the job she describes as her lifelong passion. Margaret was appointed My Room’s first full time executive in its 28 year history, where she volunteered for over 16 years. She feels privileged and honoured to be in this role, now leading a strong all-volunteer led Board to the next level so that much needed research and trials continue toward finding the desired cure for children suffering from varying forms of cancer.

Margaret Zita dedicates many hours to speaking and fundraising to make the 100% cure a reality! She is a mother to 3 sons and her husband runs his own business.

Margaret Zita was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the community through charitable initiatives

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