Founder and Principal, BoardQ Advisory

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Meena Thuraisingham

Founder and Principal

BoardQ Advisory

Dr. Meena Thuraisingham is Founder and Principal of BoardQ, a niche advisory practice advising and coaching boards and top teams on effectiveness, development and renewal. She has extensive experience advising on major cultural transformations, leadership succession and conducting top team and board effectiveness reviews. She is an organisational psychologist and an accredited coach.

Meena’s recently published book “Identity, Power and Influence in the Boardroom” (Routledge UK, 2019), sets out actionable strategies for building high-impact directors and boards. The book is drawn from both her doctoral level research into the processes of boardroom influence in listed companies and reveals the silent risks that a suboptimal dynamic may pose to making critical decisions. Her previous publications include The Secret Life of Decisions (Routledge, 2013) and reflects her career long preoccupation with how the quality of decision making is enabled and what undermines an effective decision culture.

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