Non Executive Director at Catapult, StarHub, Hoppr and Chair of Mighty Kingdom Limited

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Michelle Guthrie

Non Executive Director & Chair

Catapult, StarHub, Hoppr and Mighty Kingdom Limited

Michelle Guthrie is the former ABC Managing Director. She was appointed in May 2016 following an international career as a leading media executive in Australia, the UK and Asia.

Educated in Sydney, Michelle started her career as a lawyer in the media group at Allen Allen and Hemsley but relocated the 1990s to News International in London where she helped develop global pay TV businesses including BSkyB and developed content streams and business plans for a wide range of channels in Europe and Asia.

Michelle helped launch Foxtel in Australia before relocating to Star TV in Hong Kong where she was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2003. She spent several years as an equity adviser and investor based in Hong Kong before being lured to Google Asia in 2011 as Managing Director for Agencies.

Recently Michelle was appointed Chair at The Mighty Kingdom, the largest independent game developer in Australia working with Disney, LEGO, Australian Red Cross, Sony, Funcom, Rogue, and Snapchat.

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