President of Rural Kidney Association & PhD candidate at the University of Sydney

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Nicki Scholes-Robertson


Rural Kidney Association

Nicki is a patient partner, physiotherapist, and a PhD candidate at the Sydney School of Public Health, The University of Sydney. In 2014, Nicki commenced peritoneal dialysis and was fortunate to receive a living donor kidney transplant from her brother in November that year. Her research focus is on access to dialysis and transplantation services for rural and remote patients in Australia.

Nicki has given several invited presentations, including at the Global Health Policy Forum at The World Congress of Nephrology on “Quality, Sustainability and Equity of Care: a patient’s perspective.” In 2020 Nicki and Her husband Neil have set up the Charity called Rural Kidney Association and provides financial and social support to many people with Chronic kidney disease in Northern NSW.

Most recently Nicki has been chosen as a finalist for the Volunteer of the Year – Individual Award in the 2019 NSW Health Awards and most recently was named Armidale Citizen of the year for 2021.

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