People & Culture Leader, Mercer

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Renee Whiteside

People & Culture Leader


Renee joined the Mercer Leadership team in 2018 as People & Culture Leader for Mercer Administration Services. Renee has extensive experience with senior HR roles in the manufacturing sector with both international and domestic units, whilst residing on the Board of Directors. Renee has a broad relationship with the University of Wollongong (UOW) through tutoring and mentoring students and sits on the on the UOW Advisory Committee; School of Management. Renee has a passion for Human Resources and has achieved CAHRI membership with Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and is the AHRI Network Convenor for the Illawarra region. Renee has professional qualifications in a Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations), a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), and Masters in Strategic Human Resource Management and Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

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