Director Rural and Regional Planning and Development, Transport for NSW

Mentors in Wollongong

Trish Mcclure

Director Rural and Regional Planning and Development

Transport for NSW

Trish McClure has over thirty years’ experience in NSW government primarily in the Transport portfolio. She has held senior and executive roles in planning, developing and delivering transport infrastructure, services and policy, Working in both the Regional and the Corporate areas she has specialist skills in Services Planning, Road Safety, Traffic Management, Transport Planning and Land Use management.
Trish has a passion for working with Regional communities and the disadvantaged to create thriving productive, sustainable liveable cities that enhance community connectivity and economic growth with the potential to attract the next generation to the vital and varied communities across the State, energised by the current focus and investment by Government into the rural and regional landscape.
Trish is also an committed mentor, valuing the skills of those around her with a career goal of creating a workforce that is diverse and a culture of respect, sincerity and individual growth cognisant of the role of community for us all.

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